When it comes to football, most people think about English Premier League. This is because the league is considered as the most famous football league in the world because of its competitive value and financial power. Despite that, the top clubs in the league also have respectful history which make each of them to attract a lot of fans. There are two reason why you should love the league, it is because the competition and the players.

The Competition
The competition of English Premier League is always exciting, especially in these recent years. This because the points between the champions and other clubs in best 5 usually not too far. Even, we could see the change of league leader several times when the league is going through the year. Not only have the top spot, the mid table and relegation battle also attracted a lot of people because in English Premier League, lower clubs can beat top clubs. Compared to other top league in Europe, English Premier League winner cannot be predicted. The most shocking league winner is Leicester city in 15/16 season. They only need 1 season to be a champion after coming back from England’s second tier competition, The Championship. Throughout the history, the league always has different top flight clubs, only the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal who always compete in the top flight. In 21st century, clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur arise from mid-table clubs into EPL’s top clubs. While Chelsea and Manchester tasted the throne of EPL because of their very strong financial power, Tottenham arise to compete in the top flight purely because of their coach, young players, and tactics but the never won the league in 21st century.

In recent seasons mid table, we could see the likes of Everton, Stoke City, Southampton, West Ham, Crystal Palace, and West Bromwich. While the lower league always changed each season since three clubs always relegated to the second division, Championship league and three clubs from Championship league promoted to EPL, replacing the relegated clubs. Relegated clubs are those who sit between 18th to 20th positions at the end of the season. The promoted clubs from second division are the top two of the table and one from League playoff between clubs from position 3rd to 6th place. All of the mid table clubs are battling for a position in Europe’s second tier competition, the UEFA Europa League. The club in 5th position goes straight to the competition, while winner of FA cup and League cup also go to the competition. The top three at the end of the league go straight to the prestigious UEFA Champions League, while the fourth place needs to do a playoff to decide if they can win play in Champions League or lose and go to Europa League. As the time goes on, the clubs that fight in EPL always attract a lot of people because there are no clear clues about who is going to qualify for European competition or who is going to win the League. This is the greatest that EPL has compared to other top league in Europe. agen sbobet

The Player
The players that play in EPL are top quality players that have a lot of fans through the entire world. Thanks to the broadcasting power that EPL has, the league is the most profitable league because of their TV revenue. Because of the exposure, there are more talents from EPL acknowledged by people compared to players from other top league. The top clubs in EPL also produce and get great players in order to achieve their goal.

In the goal scoring competition in EPL, names like Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney should be familiar to you. Where players like Harry Kane that wins the golden boot two season in a row and Jamie Vardy who scored for 11 matches in a row and break the previous 10 matches record arise in recent seasons. EPL has the most talented players in the world since there are more top players that compete for the title compared to other league. The TV exposure and financial power that the clubs in EPL have also attract a lot of talented player from other league to play in EPL.

World class goalkeepers that play in EPL are David de Gea, Hugo Lloris, Petr Cech, and Thibaut Courtois. All of their skill are acknowledged by a lot of football fans in the world. Even in football game like Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, those four have high rating although none of them are the best in the world. There are also a lot of highly valued defenders such as David Luiz, Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, Phil Jones, Laurent Koscielny, and Vincent Kompany. The stats gathered by a lot of sources mentioned that EPL’s midfielders are more lethal compared to other league. World class midfielders that play in EPL are Mesut Ozil, Cesc Fabregas, Christian Eriksen, Paul Pogba, David Silva, and Philippe Coutinho. Famous strikers or goal scorers in EPL are Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alvaro Morata, Alexandre Lacazette, and Roberto Firminho.

Besides the payer mentioned above, EPL also has exciting young talents and people are likely to know them because of the exposure. Young players such as Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Dele Alli, and Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain are those who played well in EPL’s top tier clubs. A lot of football fans are not expecting young players from EPL since most elite clubs in EPL buy player that already have skills or developed potential from clubs outside the league. Tottenham Hotspur is the only top club who consistently buying undeveloped young players and develop their own academy player.

Rough competition and a lot of talents, England is considered to have the best football league in the entire world. The financial power and TV revenue that the league has have made them known by a lot of people. Currently sitting at the third rank in Europe’s best league, we could see English Premier League to rise into the top spot in near future.