Many people in the world love to watch Soccer—one of the most popular sports in the world. People wanting to play this game should use a ball that is usually made from special leather. This sport should be played by two teams which has 11 players each. One of them is the goalie—the player who’s supposed to prevent his/her team’s goalkeeper to enter by a Soccer ball. It must be interesting to talk more and more about Soccer. Let’s check what you should know about Soccer.


History of Soccer

People said that Soccer was played for the very first time in China in the Second century BC. As a modern sport, soccer grew in England in 18th century. FIFA—the international federation of football association, was established in 1904 and it was in 1930s that FIFA started to have leagues from many countries as members.

Players in Soccer
Soccer or also called Football as you know is played by two teams of eleven players. In FIFA law, it is at least seven people to legally play Soccer. If there are more than four players getting red cards, than the soccer game will be stopped. Those eleven players will play in a soccer field and fill in positions such as forwards, goalkeeper, midfielders, sweeper, and defender. Three players will be as midfielders, a player will be as a goalie, a player as a sweeper, three players as defenders, and three players as forwards. agen judi online

How to play Soccer
• Forward players are to score goals since they are located in scoring position and will start the game on the line—the line that separates Team A and Team B. They are supposed to play and go near their opponents’ line of goal. However they cannot be too close since they have to wait for the defensive players. They just have to wait around the line. They also have to take corner and penalty kicks. In short, these players are to kick off the ball in the beginning and the halftime of the game.
• A sweeper usually is put near a goalie to assist him/ her. The sweeper is supposed to be the last defense before a ball entering the goalkeeper. He also can do throw-ins when the opponent player kicks the ball crossing the field line. This is the time when a player beside a goalie is legal to touch the ball with hands.
• Midfielders are to play different roles in Soccer games. They are supposed to be good in defending and offending. They have to help the defender to make sure that the opponent players don’t stay closer to their goal. They also have to try to score by trying to make way to their opponents’ goal. They cannot miss the chance to score goals. They are to work together with forward players in scoring a goal. Midfielders also have to take kick-offs, throw-ins, penalty kicks, and corner kicks sometimes.
• Defenders will start the game by staying behind the defenders and in front of the goal keeper. They also are to make sure that the ball doesn’t pass them. They can spread everywhere in the midfield and goal line. They also are to do the corner kicks, throw-ins, and goal kicks.
• It is the goalie who’s supposed to prevent his team goalkeeper to enter by the soccer ball, no matter who the scorer is. If a player from his/her team makes a goal, then it is considered suicide goal, and it is the opponent who’s got the score eventually. In penalty kicks, a goalie has to block the ball. With his drop kick he’s supposed to make the ball far from the area of goal keeper.
• You can see that any positions are very important in Soccer game. If you know the positions of players, you will more understand in playing or watching Soccer games. Many people love playing Soccer and they usually have their own reasons even if they are not a Soccer player in a professional club.

Why people love to play Soccer even if they are not professional Soccer player
• Playing Soccer comes easy and cheap. All they need is a ball.
• People can play anywhere even if they are not in a grassy field.
• Everybody can kick the ball happily.
• Playing Soccer makes our body active and healthy.
• Playing Soccer makes people good in focusing, working in team, and leading.
• There are other benefits in playing Soccer for sure. Is it interesting to be a worldly famous Soccer player that can make a lot of money and considered world famous person who is adored by many people in the world? It must be interesting. How can we be a Soccer player who’s great in career?
• How to be a professional Soccer player
• Have skill.
• Have strong motivation.
• Train much.
• Nowadays it is easy to get popular. Just make yourself a video that tapes your playing and upload your video in the sites which people have. In this way, soccer agents searching for talents will be easy to discover you. Many famous soccer players did this.
• If video doesn’t work for you, you should make a Soccer CV on Football networks. Promote yourself here, so your CV should be as unique as possible.
• Look for opportunities by sending email of your CV to many famous Soccer clubs. Some countries have Soccer academies that might be your chance to play for a certain club. Find out as much information as possible.
• If you have a chance to show off your skills, don’t miss the chance. Be great in performance.
• There are many people who want to be a professional soccer player, so you cannot give up easily and you should give yourself a chance more and more if you fail.
• If finally you get lucky since a certain club is interested to hire you, you should be careful in signing the contract. Make sure you are with an expert or an experienced one when signing a contract. Good Luck.
It seems like a never ending discussion the Soccer is. It is great if the article about Soccer can make you more knowledgeable and those wanting to be a professional Soccer players can get inspired.