Football world will always offer something new in every era. The new faces are always be there, and they surely have great performance and skill when playing tactic on football. But maybe we need a little bit reminder about what happened in the past, about the memorable legends in football that we always remember of. They maybe not perfect but they used to be a symbol of bright star or even such a big phenomenon. Not that we say now they are not like that, because they still become top legends in our heart. But for younger generation, maybe they don’t know much about them and that is why we will introduce their stories once again on this article. Let’s know better about memorable legends in football world!

Born in Brazil, on October 23 1940, Pele is known as the greatest football player of all time, all because his reputation to make 1281 goals in 1363 matches in the entire of his career. At that time, Pele was a football player with highest paid and his name is more like a brand, when you said “Pele” it means best figure in football world.

He inspires so many people with his reputation as goalscorer, he also known for his great tactics when attacking formations. After retirement, Pele is still becoming a big symbol of football world, also receipt so many awards and achievements for his dedication.

Ferenc Puskas
Another legend is Ferenc Puskas, a Hungarian football player with golden record to score 513 goals in 528 matches. In FIFA world cup, Puskas helped Hungaria to go to the final and became the best player there. Due to his performance, Puskas had so many honours and achievements in his entire career, until his death in 2006 caused by Alzheimer disease.

We will never forget his dedication, his passion and strong spirit.

Rest in peace, Ferenc Puskas.

Diego Maradona
The most infamous goal of all time named : “Hand of God” which is not a strange reputation for Diego Maradona because so many generation still feel it’s his luck to make a big win in 1986 FIFA World Wide Cup. So many debates still exist until now about the controversy of Hand of God but Diego Maradona himself is proven as a memorable figure we always appreciate of. He is more than just Argentine football legend but a worldwide legend in football world of all time. Talking about skills, Diego Maradona is brilliant example of a score matcher, which he can create golden chances and opportunity to make goals.

Arthur Friedenriech
Writing about all time greatest football players without mentioning Arthur Friedenriech is more like a sin because he is one of the best football players in early era, very original and reputable figure. Arthur is Brazil’s first famous star and many people said that he made amazing goals in football matches although the exact number of goal is almost uncertain. Some rumors has it that he made 1239 goals in 1329 matches, but others said that he made 1329 goals in 1239 matches. No wonder he is defined as “King of Football” for those extraordinary dedication.

Gerd Muller
Let’s going back to the past, back in 1974 when Muller won FIFA World Cup as the best score matcher. He made 68 goals in 62 football matches and after that, successfully became instant legend for Germany. Although the record has broken by Lionel Messi but Gerd Muller is still a respectable figure in football world. It’s a must to define him as a legend, a great example for the younger football players who want to be as great as him.

For 90s to 2000s generation, Ronaldo was a very big name in football industry. In FIFA World Cup 2006 he made biggest record as scorematcher, also known for his strange but trending hairstyle which became phenomenon in 2002. During that time, many kids wanted to have Ronaldo’s unique hairstyle, and people will define someone with strange bald-hairstyle as ‘’Ronaldo” for his famous reputation. (Want to know the best Football League in the world in 21st century? Click here)

Ronaldo is a very interesting character in football world : he is fast, tough but also kind hearted. It seems like impossible to forget him as one of the best trendsetter back in 2000s era.

Lionel Messi
When Lionel Messi first began his career, he was like a bright star with youngest age : born in 1987 but he has productive performance and great tactics to win almost every football matches. As important note, he was the one who broke Muller’s goal record in FIFA World Cup. Many people predict Lionel Messi will be the next greatest football player of all time and until now, he’s the one with promising career and of course, highest paid player in matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo
He is great, he is handsome, young and also proven to have very good performance when playing in the matches. Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of good-looking figure and good hero of football world. No wonder if he has highest paid and becomes brand ambassador of many advertisements. More than that, Ronaldo has fast tactic to score in matches, so it is very possible to define him as the next legend for this generation.

Overall, it is very good thing to remember them as important part of our football history. They help to celebrate and make their nation feel proud, also become many people feel joyous because their performance on the matches. Maybe there are other legends we forget to mention or maybe you know more than us. What really important is they should be remembered and be the one who get respect from us. Also, it seems impossible to forget them because without those memorable legends, maybe we can’t see the bigger and better improvement on football world. They are big inspiration for next generation and always will be like that.

What do you think about our article? Do you have your own opinion about the most memorable football player of all time? Is there any legend we never mention of above? Comment below and share your own perspective about top legends in football history!