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Soccer in a Nutshell: What You Should Know

Many people in the world love to watch Soccer—one of the most popular sports in the world. People wanting to play this game should use a ball that is usually made from special leather. This sport should be played by two teams which has 11 players each. One of them is the goalie—the player who’s supposed to prevent his/her team’s goalkeeper to enter by a Soccer ball. It must be interesting to talk more and more about Soccer. Let’s check what you should know about Soccer.


History of Soccer

People said that Soccer was played for the very first time in China in the Second century BC. As a modern sport, soccer grew in England in 18th century. FIFA—the international federation of football association, was established in 1904 and it was in 1930s that FIFA started to have leagues from many countries as members.

Players in Soccer
Soccer or also called Football as you know is played by two teams of eleven players. In FIFA law, it is at least seven people to legally play Soccer. If there are more than four players getting red cards, than the soccer game will be stopped. Those eleven players will play in a soccer field and fill in positions such as forwards, goalkeeper, midfielders, sweeper, and defender. Three players will be as midfielders, a player will be as a goalie, a player as a sweeper, three players as defenders, and three players as forwards. agen judi online

How to play Soccer
• Forward players are to score goals since they are located in scoring position and will start the game on the line—the line that separates Team A and Team B. They are supposed to play and go near their opponents’ line of goal. However they cannot be too close since they have to wait for the defensive players. They just have to wait around the line. They also have to take corner and penalty kicks. In short, these players are to kick off the ball in the beginning and the halftime of the game.
• A sweeper usually is put near a goalie to assist him/ her. The sweeper is supposed to be the last defense before a ball entering the goalkeeper. He also can do throw-ins when the opponent player kicks the ball crossing the field line. This is the time when a player beside a goalie is legal to touch the ball with hands.
• Midfielders are to play different roles in Soccer games. They are supposed to be good in defending and offending. They have to help the defender to make sure that the opponent players don’t stay closer to their goal. They also have to try to score by trying to make way to their opponents’ goal. They cannot miss the chance to score goals. They are to work together with forward players in scoring a goal. Midfielders also have to take kick-offs, throw-ins, penalty kicks, and corner kicks sometimes.
• Defenders will start the game by staying behind the defenders and in front of the goal keeper. They also are to make sure that the ball doesn’t pass them. They can spread everywhere in the midfield and goal line. They also are to do the corner kicks, throw-ins, and goal kicks.
• It is the goalie who’s supposed to prevent his team goalkeeper to enter by the soccer ball, no matter who the scorer is. If a player from his/her team makes a goal, then it is considered suicide goal, and it is the opponent who’s got the score eventually. In penalty kicks, a goalie has to block the ball. With his drop kick he’s supposed to make the ball far from the area of goal keeper.
• You can see that any positions are very important in Soccer game. If you know the positions of players, you will more understand in playing or watching Soccer games. Many people love playing Soccer and they usually have their own reasons even if they are not a Soccer player in a professional club.

Why people love to play Soccer even if they are not professional Soccer player
• Playing Soccer comes easy and cheap. All they need is a ball.
• People can play anywhere even if they are not in a grassy field.
• Everybody can kick the ball happily.
• Playing Soccer makes our body active and healthy.
• Playing Soccer makes people good in focusing, working in team, and leading.
• There are other benefits in playing Soccer for sure. Is it interesting to be a worldly famous Soccer player that can make a lot of money and considered world famous person who is adored by many people in the world? It must be interesting. How can we be a Soccer player who’s great in career?
• How to be a professional Soccer player
• Have skill.
• Have strong motivation.
• Train much.
• Nowadays it is easy to get popular. Just make yourself a video that tapes your playing and upload your video in the sites which people have. In this way, soccer agents searching for talents will be easy to discover you. Many famous soccer players did this.
• If video doesn’t work for you, you should make a Soccer CV on Football networks. Promote yourself here, so your CV should be as unique as possible.
• Look for opportunities by sending email of your CV to many famous Soccer clubs. Some countries have Soccer academies that might be your chance to play for a certain club. Find out as much information as possible.
• If you have a chance to show off your skills, don’t miss the chance. Be great in performance.
• There are many people who want to be a professional soccer player, so you cannot give up easily and you should give yourself a chance more and more if you fail.
• If finally you get lucky since a certain club is interested to hire you, you should be careful in signing the contract. Make sure you are with an expert or an experienced one when signing a contract. Good Luck.
It seems like a never ending discussion the Soccer is. It is great if the article about Soccer can make you more knowledgeable and those wanting to be a professional Soccer players can get inspired.

Memorable Legends In Football That We Always Remember

Football world will always offer something new in every era. The new faces are always be there, and they surely have great performance and skill when playing tactic on football. But maybe we need a little bit reminder about what happened in the past, about the memorable legends in football that we always remember of. They maybe not perfect but they used to be a symbol of bright star or even such a big phenomenon. Not that we say now they are not like that, because they still become top legends in our heart. But for younger generation, maybe they don’t know much about them and that is why we will introduce their stories once again on this article. Let’s know better about memorable legends in football world!

Born in Brazil, on October 23 1940, Pele is known as the greatest football player of all time, all because his reputation to make 1281 goals in 1363 matches in the entire of his career. At that time, Pele was a football player with highest paid and his name is more like a brand, when you said “Pele” it means best figure in football world.

He inspires so many people with his reputation as goalscorer, he also known for his great tactics when attacking formations. After retirement, Pele is still becoming a big symbol of football world, also receipt so many awards and achievements for his dedication.

Ferenc Puskas
Another legend is Ferenc Puskas, a Hungarian football player with golden record to score 513 goals in 528 matches. In FIFA world cup, Puskas helped Hungaria to go to the final and became the best player there. Due to his performance, Puskas had so many honours and achievements in his entire career, until his death in 2006 caused by Alzheimer disease.

We will never forget his dedication, his passion and strong spirit.

Rest in peace, Ferenc Puskas.

Diego Maradona
The most infamous goal of all time named : “Hand of God” which is not a strange reputation for Diego Maradona because so many generation still feel it’s his luck to make a big win in 1986 FIFA World Wide Cup. So many debates still exist until now about the controversy of Hand of God but Diego Maradona himself is proven as a memorable figure we always appreciate of. He is more than just Argentine football legend but a worldwide legend in football world of all time. Talking about skills, Diego Maradona is brilliant example of a score matcher, which he can create golden chances and opportunity to make goals.

Arthur Friedenriech
Writing about all time greatest football players without mentioning Arthur Friedenriech is more like a sin because he is one of the best football players in early era, very original and reputable figure. Arthur is Brazil’s first famous star and many people said that he made amazing goals in football matches although the exact number of goal is almost uncertain. Some rumors has it that he made 1239 goals in 1329 matches, but others said that he made 1329 goals in 1239 matches. No wonder he is defined as “King of Football” for those extraordinary dedication.

Gerd Muller
Let’s going back to the past, back in 1974 when Muller won FIFA World Cup as the best score matcher. He made 68 goals in 62 football matches and after that, successfully became instant legend for Germany. Although the record has broken by Lionel Messi but Gerd Muller is still a respectable figure in football world. It’s a must to define him as a legend, a great example for the younger football players who want to be as great as him.

For 90s to 2000s generation, Ronaldo was a very big name in football industry. In FIFA World Cup 2006 he made biggest record as scorematcher, also known for his strange but trending hairstyle which became phenomenon in 2002. During that time, many kids wanted to have Ronaldo’s unique hairstyle, and people will define someone with strange bald-hairstyle as ‘’Ronaldo” for his famous reputation. (Want to know the best Football League in the world in 21st century? Click here)

Ronaldo is a very interesting character in football world : he is fast, tough but also kind hearted. It seems like impossible to forget him as one of the best trendsetter back in 2000s era.

Lionel Messi
When Lionel Messi first began his career, he was like a bright star with youngest age : born in 1987 but he has productive performance and great tactics to win almost every football matches. As important note, he was the one who broke Muller’s goal record in FIFA World Cup. Many people predict Lionel Messi will be the next greatest football player of all time and until now, he’s the one with promising career and of course, highest paid player in matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo
He is great, he is handsome, young and also proven to have very good performance when playing in the matches. Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of good-looking figure and good hero of football world. No wonder if he has highest paid and becomes brand ambassador of many advertisements. More than that, Ronaldo has fast tactic to score in matches, so it is very possible to define him as the next legend for this generation.

Overall, it is very good thing to remember them as important part of our football history. They help to celebrate and make their nation feel proud, also become many people feel joyous because their performance on the matches. Maybe there are other legends we forget to mention or maybe you know more than us. What really important is they should be remembered and be the one who get respect from us. Also, it seems impossible to forget them because without those memorable legends, maybe we can’t see the bigger and better improvement on football world. They are big inspiration for next generation and always will be like that.

What do you think about our article? Do you have your own opinion about the most memorable football player of all time? Is there any legend we never mention of above? Comment below and share your own perspective about top legends in football history!

Why You Should Like English Premier League

When it comes to football, most people think about English Premier League. This is because the league is considered as the most famous football league in the world because of its competitive value and financial power. Despite that, the top clubs in the league also have respectful history which make each of them to attract a lot of fans. There are two reason why you should love the league, it is because the competition and the players.

The Competition
The competition of English Premier League is always exciting, especially in these recent years. This because the points between the champions and other clubs in best 5 usually not too far. Even, we could see the change of league leader several times when the league is going through the year. Not only have the top spot, the mid table and relegation battle also attracted a lot of people because in English Premier League, lower clubs can beat top clubs. Compared to other top league in Europe, English Premier League winner cannot be predicted. The most shocking league winner is Leicester city in 15/16 season. They only need 1 season to be a champion after coming back from England’s second tier competition, The Championship. Throughout the history, the league always has different top flight clubs, only the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal who always compete in the top flight. In 21st century, clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur arise from mid-table clubs into EPL’s top clubs. While Chelsea and Manchester tasted the throne of EPL because of their very strong financial power, Tottenham arise to compete in the top flight purely because of their coach, young players, and tactics but the never won the league in 21st century.

In recent seasons mid table, we could see the likes of Everton, Stoke City, Southampton, West Ham, Crystal Palace, and West Bromwich. While the lower league always changed each season since three clubs always relegated to the second division, Championship league and three clubs from Championship league promoted to EPL, replacing the relegated clubs. Relegated clubs are those who sit between 18th to 20th positions at the end of the season. The promoted clubs from second division are the top two of the table and one from League playoff between clubs from position 3rd to 6th place. All of the mid table clubs are battling for a position in Europe’s second tier competition, the UEFA Europa League. The club in 5th position goes straight to the competition, while winner of FA cup and League cup also go to the competition. The top three at the end of the league go straight to the prestigious UEFA Champions League, while the fourth place needs to do a playoff to decide if they can win play in Champions League or lose and go to Europa League. As the time goes on, the clubs that fight in EPL always attract a lot of people because there are no clear clues about who is going to qualify for European competition or who is going to win the League. This is the greatest that EPL has compared to other top league in Europe. agen sbobet

The Player
The players that play in EPL are top quality players that have a lot of fans through the entire world. Thanks to the broadcasting power that EPL has, the league is the most profitable league because of their TV revenue. Because of the exposure, there are more talents from EPL acknowledged by people compared to players from other top league. The top clubs in EPL also produce and get great players in order to achieve their goal.

In the goal scoring competition in EPL, names like Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney should be familiar to you. Where players like Harry Kane that wins the golden boot two season in a row and Jamie Vardy who scored for 11 matches in a row and break the previous 10 matches record arise in recent seasons. EPL has the most talented players in the world since there are more top players that compete for the title compared to other league. The TV exposure and financial power that the clubs in EPL have also attract a lot of talented player from other league to play in EPL.

World class goalkeepers that play in EPL are David de Gea, Hugo Lloris, Petr Cech, and Thibaut Courtois. All of their skill are acknowledged by a lot of football fans in the world. Even in football game like Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, those four have high rating although none of them are the best in the world. There are also a lot of highly valued defenders such as David Luiz, Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, Phil Jones, Laurent Koscielny, and Vincent Kompany. The stats gathered by a lot of sources mentioned that EPL’s midfielders are more lethal compared to other league. World class midfielders that play in EPL are Mesut Ozil, Cesc Fabregas, Christian Eriksen, Paul Pogba, David Silva, and Philippe Coutinho. Famous strikers or goal scorers in EPL are Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alvaro Morata, Alexandre Lacazette, and Roberto Firminho.

Besides the payer mentioned above, EPL also has exciting young talents and people are likely to know them because of the exposure. Young players such as Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Dele Alli, and Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain are those who played well in EPL’s top tier clubs. A lot of football fans are not expecting young players from EPL since most elite clubs in EPL buy player that already have skills or developed potential from clubs outside the league. Tottenham Hotspur is the only top club who consistently buying undeveloped young players and develop their own academy player.

Rough competition and a lot of talents, England is considered to have the best football league in the entire world. The financial power and TV revenue that the league has have made them known by a lot of people. Currently sitting at the third rank in Europe’s best league, we could see English Premier League to rise into the top spot in near future.

What is the Best Football League in the World in 21st Century?

Maybe there are a lot of you who love football wondering, what is the best football league in the world. It is true that as the time goes on, this particular sport is developing rapidly. Event football (or soccer in US) is considered by many people as the most profitable and famous sport. At the beginning of 21st century, we could see the rising of Europe’s top league like France, Spain, England, and German 1st tier competition while Italy dropping behind them as time goes on. As the strongest continent in football, Europe has the best football league in the world.

Ligue 1 (France)
France power in UEFA doesn’t need to be asked. Amazing players in 21st century such as Thierry Henry, Zinadine Zidane, Claude Makelele, Hugo Lloris, Antoine Griezmann, and the rising star Kylian Mbappe are some of the talent France has. Although they reach their peak of their career outside their homegrown league, all of them start from Ligue 1. As Europe’s top 5 league, currently sitting in 5th place in 17/18 season, Ligue 1 were given 3 spots to qualify to the UEFA Champions League. The top clubs in Ligue 1 are PSG, Lyon, Marseille, OGC Nice and AS Monaco while the others are local clubs that rarely reach the UEFA competitions like Rennes, Nantes, Guingamp, and many more. Most players in the league are based from Europe and France speaking country such as Senegal. There are also a lot of Arabian descendant players who play in Ligue 1. Top players that currently playing in 17/18 Ligue 1 are Neymar, Di Maria, Moutinho, Falcao, Balotelli, Payet, and Depay. The financial power from PSG may rise Ligue 1 into higher position of the best football league.

Serie A (Italy)
In 20th century, Italy may be the best league in the world that produces great talent such as Baggio, Batistuta, and Maldini. As time goes on, its place in the Europe’s top league is going down since the power of financial plays an important role in deciding the position. As the 4th best league in Europe, we could say that Serie A is quite a bit competitive with Juventus dominating the league in 21st century. The calciopoli scandal in 2006 that involved big clubs like AC Milan and Juventus make Serie A lose its place in Europe’s top league. Despite that the league is quite competitive, with clubs such as Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Internazionale, and AC Milan that always competes to fight for Champions League qualification spot. There are also rising clubs like Atalanta and Torino who qualify to the UEFA Europa league, the 2nd tier of football competition in Europe. Top players that play in Seria A are Dybala, Higuain, Dzeko, De Rossi, Bonucci, Perisic, Felipe Anderson, and Hamsik. If the clubs in the leaguecan produce high quality financing, we might see the Glory of Serie A like in 90’s.

English Premier League
Although the Premier League only sit in position 3, a lot of people think that this league is the best football league in the world because of its very competitive season in each year and the financial power that surpass all football league in the world. What make the league sits in third place is because there are no team from Premier League that wins UEFA Champions League or Europa League, except Manchester United (Europa League 16/17) and Liverpool (Champions League 2005). Aside from that, English teams also tend to be eliminated before semi-final in Champions League. But when it comes to local competition, we could see everything that cannot be seen in other league since each club can beat anyone. In 21st century, clubs that dominate the Premier League are Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. Top players in the league are Pogba, Hazard, Aguero, Coutinho, Ozil, and Kane. Premier League reached the top once, so we may see that in the near future because the clubs are raring to be the champion of Europe with their big financial power.

Bundesliga (Germany)
Being the second best league in the world, Bundesliga has big clubs such as Dortmund, Bayern, Schalke, Leverkusen, and the rising star RB Leipzig. With a very slight difference in points, Bundesliga take the second position from Premier League. Thanks to Bayern Munich who always dominate in Champions League, although they never win in 21st century. We often times see Bayern go through semi-final and final in the last 10 years. Dortmund also plays well in Champions League, while the others usually eliminated in the first knock out stage or group stage. The football fans in Bundesliga is considered as the most fanatic in Europe since we could see a lot of graphic and choreography made by the supporters from each club in the stadium. The chanting done by the supporters is bone chilling, often times distracting the away team and never let them to play good. The competition itself is not too competitive, with Bayern win most of the league’s top position in 21st century.

Liga BBVA (Spanish)
You may know Barcelona and Real Madrid because they have the best footballers in 21st century, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Despite that, they reach the number 1 spot in UEFA League because Real Madrid and Barcelona dominates the UEFA Champions league in 21st century. Both of them won the competition 4 times in 21st century. Besides those clubs, another top clubs in Liga BBVA are Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, and Villareal. The competition of the league itself is not competitive because you always see Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid topping the league in recent years. Top players that play in Liga BBVA are C. Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Navas, and Bacca.

Being the strongest continent in football world, Europe always entertains football lovers because of the competition. Other strong leagues outside the top 5 like Primeira Liga (Portugal), Eredivisie (Netherland), Super Lig (turkey), and Russian Premier League also always competes in Europes top competition. It is all up to you to decide which one is the best football league in the world.